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Broken pipe in a Long Island City high rise building results in $96,000 increase after hiring Castle View Adjusters.

Long Island City, New York – Broken pipes caused extensive water damage to a multimillion-dollar High Rise condo unit. The broken pipes originated from the Insureds neighbor who happens to live directly above. Much of the water damage was behind the walls and not immediately obvious and was completely overlooked by the insurance carrier’s adjuster.

Castle View adjusters was recommended to the Insured after Allstate Insurance made an offer of $251.92. Allstate’s adjuster took three weeks to get out to the loss after the Insured was told it would only be a few days by Allstate’s customer service team. Once the adjuster arrived, he used phrases like “no visible signs of water” “not a lot of damage” and “this isn’t damaged”. The unfortunate part is the Insured complied with all the policy conditions hired an expert mitigation specialist to protect the property from further damage and provided the rmoimaging and moisture meter readings. It still didn’t matter, the company adjuster was there to do one thing and that was to protect the company, not the Insured! Luckily once Allstate made their offer,the Insured called Castle View Adjusters who began to advocate and negotiate on behalf of the policyholder. After vigorous negotiations and multiple reinspection’s our team was able to secure a final settlement of $96,137.51! The Insureds only regret was not hiring us from day one.

Our firm has extensive experience in interpreting policies and maximizing property loss settlements and we have handled numerous property damage claims for high end condo units throughout New York City.

While many residential and commercial property owners are not aware of what a Public Adjuster is, Education is key when negotiating and preparing a claim for damages with your respective insurance company. Castle View Adjusters represents the Policyholder, NOT the insurance company! Don’t let the insurance company intimidate you out of a fair settlement. Please call us to discuss your Property Damage Claim and see if we can be a resource as it’s never too late for us to get involved!