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Frozen Pipes Burst Insurance

Frozen Pipes have Burst; Now What

Whether at your home or business, if frozen pipes burst, your first thought, once the water stops flowing out of the damaged area, is whether or not your insurance will cover the damage and the pipes.  Unfortunately, many insurance policies don’t cover the pipes of your home if they break, but they could. This is something you need to discuss with your insurance agent ahead of time, but when the pipes break its time to react and figure out what needs to happen to make sure your home or business can be repaired.

Hire the Right Team

In order to make sure you have the largest claim settlement when you’ve experienced frozen pipes that burst is to have a public adjuster to assist you with your insurance claim.  This is a smart thing to do in order to make certain that everything that’s covered in your policy is upheld. Let a public adjuster from our team at Castle View Adjusters help you make sure that you have the payment you need, the right team for the cleanup of the water, and the right process in place to repair your home or business.

Burst Pipes Cause an Emergency

When frozen pipes burst and you can see the water flowing into your home, it’s easy to respond and know that you’ve got an emergency one your hands that needs to be taken care of.  In some cases, you won’t know that your pipes broke until later in the year. Sometimes, frozen pipes only leak out of the seams or a small hole, and you won’t realize this is a problem until the weather is warmer and the water begins to cause damage that you can see in your home, requiring an insurance claim to be filed.

Protect Yourself and Understand Your Responsibilities

When you respond to the emergency of frozen pipes that burst, part of what you need to do is limit the damage to your home.  Your insurance company will want to know that you’ve taken steps right away to protect your home from more damage than it should incur.  Call our team at Castle View Adjusters when you have water flowing so that we can begin to help you figure out what you need to do right away.  Our team can make sure that contractors don’t take advantage of your situation.

The First Call is the Right One for You

If your first impulse is to call our office and let our team guide you through the troubles that frozen pipes that have burst can cause, you’re making the right first call.  Let our team help you with the insurance claim, with the steps to recovery, and with choosing the right contractors for the work that will need to be completed. With our guidance, you’ll soon have your home back to the way you love it with no evidence of water damage present at all.