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The property adjusters at Castle View Adjusters help mortgage holders with their insurance claims, verifying the most extreme settlement conceivable. We are an experienced property insurance adjuster’s team that offers you the claim management series you need. With our assistance, you’re going to have a properly filed claim that ensures your interests are protected and well represented. At Castle View Adjusters, we work aggressively to advocate for you and file claims in Gard City and the surrounding areas. If your insurance company makes an error that affects your claim negatively, our professional insurance claims management services can mitigate any potential losses.

Our private adjusters work for you, we don’t work for your insurance organization.

Our changing administrations will help you during the insurance claims process. We protect and advocate for your rights with the insurance organization to verify the greatest settlement feasible for you. 

Free Harm and Strategy Review 

We will meet with you and investigate your harms, clarify your choices, set up an estimate and start working with the insurance organization for your benefit to verify the greatest conceivable settlement. 

Authorized Adjusters 

The private insurance adjusters at Castle View Adjusters are completely authorized, affirmed and fortified. The majority of our adjusters have been completely checked by the strenuous authorizing necessities set out by their state insurance offices. These prerequisites incorporate historical verifications, fingerprinting and checked against the FBI database

Private and Business Claim Types

Fire/Smoked Damage

Regardless of whether your fire damage claim is little, or it is an enormous loss fire claim you ought to know that there are frequently concealed damages, for example, water damage causing mold, sediment on all surfaces just as in the air conditioning pipes influencing air quality causing perilous air quality. Mold can prompt long haul issues. There are numerous interesting points when a fire happens. These things include building code(s), matching statute(s). With about all fires Law or Law coverage is neglected. 

Types of Fire Damage

Residential Fire – adjusting a house fire claim is a difficult undertaking. Let our public adjusters take the burden of a lengthy claims process out of your hands to speed up your recovery.

Commercial Fire – losing your business assets from a fire can be truly devastating. Let our loss adjusters assist you throughout the whole claims procedure. Every day your business is not operating your losing money.

Smoke Damage – restoring your home or commercial building after a fire includes cleaning up smoke and ash, which tend to cost quite a lot. Getting assistance in filing a smoke damage claim will help speed up the recovery process without incurring more losses.

Soot Damage – ridding your home or commercial building of soot is a financial burden. We can help you process a soot damage claim to recover what you’ve spent for the cleanup. Unlike most Independent or staff adjusters assigned by your insurance carrier, our main priority is you.

We want you to make the most of your coverage and fire-related deductibles so you can repair your home and replace your belongings. The destruction of personal property can be difficult to measure, especially if the physical damage is unquantifiable.

Water/Flood Damage

Water damage is regularly brought about by a pipe or pipes break or burst, water heater spill, forced air system condensation spill, supply line burst, can flood, rooftop spill, window spill. The nearness of water causing drywall damage can advance quick organisms’ development. Looking for help with your water damage insurance claim is crucial to the insurance claim process so you agree to all strategy arrangements and evade a disavowal of your claim. Castle View Adjusters is a one-stop-shop, we can point you the correct way for water mitigation administrations for water cleanup. 

Protect Your Investment

Water damage insurance claims are complicated. Like most families, their home is the biggest life investment they have. Getting a complete view of the damage is imperative before the detailed construction process begins. Proper cleanup techniques will be used by the industries leading experts.

Castle View Adjusters knows proper construction methods, proper clean-up methods and the critical estimating tools and estimating professionals to develop a detailed line by line estimate of damages. Don’t wait for the Insurance Company to act. Protect your investment and put Castle View

Adjusters to work for you and maximize your financial gain.

Mold Damage

Mold can be frightening! On the off chance that mold isn’t dealt with rapidly, it can cause significant medical issues just as perhaps lead to insurance claim issues. Mold can result from a flawed pipe or even a rooftop spill where noticeable water stains are available. Regularly the mold is covered up inside the dividers. Castle View Adjusters works with many mold remediation organizations that don’t charge our customers for their water mitigation administrations. Mold claims are complicated, we will completely archive your damages guaranteeing the greatest settlement that you are qualified for. 

Wind/Storm Damage

Wind damage from strong storms can accomplish something beyond damage to your roof. Fallen trees, erosion and other wind-related incidents would all be able to affect your property, which is the reason it’s so critical to have a public adjuster on your side. Give us a chance to come to you to assess your wind damage claim, and we’ll get ideal to work arranging a payout with the insurance organization.

It’s also critical to take note of that few out of every odd public adjuster has the same level of involvement with a wide range of claims. Some might be more qualified to handle water damage claims while others specialize in business losses from fire damage. When you get in touch with us, you can feel sure that you’re working with genuine experts who understand your novel needs and will work with you to go to a reasonable resolution

Types of Wind Damage Covered

Hurricane – Hurricanes devastate a large area. Our adjusters are ready to be deployed and get to work for you right away.

Tornado – ensure a speedy recovery from a tornado with our tornado claims adjusting and consulting services.

Tropical storm – filing property damage or loss due to a tropical storm can be challenging. Let our adjusters guide you every step of the way.

Wind storm – our public adjusters will assist you with preparing and settling residential or commercial wind damage claims.

Hail storm – after a hail storm wreaks havoc on your property, we will take the burden of filing a claim out of your hands so you can focus on rebuilding.

Castle View Adjusters– Services

Choose the Right Services for You                                                        

You must have the public insurance adjuster near you that will offer you the services you need to make sure your insurance claim is handled the right way.  For this reason, our team at Castle View Adjusters offers a full package of services that you can take advantage of for the claim you’ve filed.  

In addition to the following services, we can provide estimates and documentation needed for tax purposes in the event of a loss that isn’t covered by your insurance policy.

Services Offered:

Free Consultation

Policy Review and Analysis

Loss Consulting Services

Building Estimates

Additional Living

Disaster Recovery Services

Rental Loss Projections

Business Income Analysis

Content Inventory Evaluations

Access to experts needed to support the claim

Complete Claims Handling

Expert Builders

Expert Mitigation Companies


Art Experts


Wine Appraisals

Regardless of whether you’re confronting water damage, fire damage or different types of damage to your home or business, and the insurance organization is stalling or acting unpredictable – you have to act.

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