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With years of consolidated involvement in the claims procedure, our essential target is to get you, the safeguarded, paid for your loss. When you buy an insurance policy, you are obtaining and understanding a guarantee that the insurance organization will pay for your loss or damages in the event of such an occasion. 

As a general rule, the policyholder has a little knowledge of accessible assets owed to them by the safety net provider and it is exceptionally impossible that the organization will offer more than the absolute minimum on the off chance that anything by any means. Many feel they are helpless before the insurance organization’s agent or simply need to concur with or acknowledge the organization’s choice. This couldn’t possibly be more off-base. Despite the fact that it is a typical event, there are laws and guidelines set up to ensure you. In any case, numerous insurance organizations abuse these guidelines as an acknowledged routine with regards to business as they regularly pull off such lead. When thinking about what number of claims these organizations procedure, it appears that “playing the chances” for the most part works to support them. 

What is a Public Adjuster? 

Public Adjusters or PA’s, are people that handle each part of your claim and to your greatest advantage, they are authorized, educated and prepared in approach coverage, state regulations and statutes that guide the claims taking care of the procedure. Public adjusters work only for you, the guaranteed, with an end goal to accomplish a full monetary recuperation. 

Public adjusters are required to pass rigid certification examinations and achieve guarantee bonds before they receive a grant from the Division of Insurance. Various states also dictate continuing with education necessities to be met to keep up allowing. Public Adjusters are specialists that are educated about the claims technique. They can restrict the issue that goes with gathering chronicles and confirmation while negotiating a settlement with the insurance organization. 

The adjuster will report all your appropriate administrative work with the insurance organization, engineer the investigations of your hurt property and after that negotiate with the insurance organization. Everything thought of it as is your obligation to demonstrate hurt. We do that for you. Public Adjusters at Castle View Adjusters are your very own claims specialists.

Types of Claims We Handle:

Fire Damage

A house fire is one of the most awful mishaps you can involvement as a mortgage holder. Whenever cover and the occupation of your family are in question, our group of open adjusters is there to lift the weight and work for your benefit to get you the most useful case settlement to recover your coexistence. 

Bits of your life has recently been lost in a blast. Your family is without a home. What does your property holder’s protection approach spread? Do you realize where to begin? In what manner will you know without a doubt you will get enough to accommodate your family? Regardless of whether it is incomplete or broad fire damage, the time and worry in managing your insurance agency can remove you from concentrating on your family’s quick wellbeing and prosperity. 

Castle View Adjusters is your believed supporter and asset in the protection case process. We completely record the damage to your home and its substance. We recognize the concealed damages that may cause later issues, which may have been missed by your insurance agency’s adjuster. We give full evidence of misfortune to help amplify the sum you are qualified for recouping from your case. Furthermore, we arrange that claim for your sake to guarantee only that.

Flood Damage

You may live in a region where flooding appears the most outlandish probability. Yet, at that point, it attacks your home. Presently, with exorbitant property damage, how might you document and arrange a case that will get you enough to reestablish your home. 

It is safe to say that you are set up for the unforeseen? Notwithstanding area or closeness to a floodplain, numerous property holders can encounter a flood misfortune. With regards to flood protection and flood hazard, the vast majority may not understand that it must be bought as a different approach from their property holders’ protection. 

What does flood protection spread? It is not quite the same as customary property protection arrangements and on the grounds that flooding brings about damage to various homes, the volume of cases can prompt a convoluted and slowed down protection guarantee process with your insurance agency. By working with our open adjusters, however, there is no compelling reason to swim through any of that. We work with you as accomplices and backers to survey, assess and report your damage and arrange a most extreme case recuperation that will get you the ideal sum you are owed.

Water Damage

Surprising water damage calls for fast activity, tidy up, and measures to control and reestablish however much damage as could reasonably be expected. In the surge, our group of public adjusters can give the experience, assets, and time to enable you to settle on educated choices that will help guarantee that this work is composed with your protection guarantee to help get your business what it needs to recuperate. 

Abrupt water damage can emerge out of tempests and floods to an irregular pipe blasting. Inside, the roofs, dividers and floors of your structure can be damaged or pulverized. Additionally, the dampness from water damage can prompt form development, making your place of business hazardous for any inhabitants. The quick need to tidy up and control however much damage as could be expected may postpone you in the first place, yet arranging an arrangement for the treatment of your water damage guarantee will be crucial to the recuperation of your business. 

All Other Claims:

Property Damage

Castle View Adjusters can assist on any first-party claims such as wind, fire, water, flood, hurricane mold and all other sudden and accidental losses such as:

Air Conditioning Leaks

​Hot Water Heater Leaks

Broken Pipes / Pipe Burst

​Dishwasher Leaks

​Dropped Object

Chipped Tile

All-Natural Disasters


Flood Damage

Hail Damage

Hurricane Damage

​Tornado Damage

​Wind Damage

Fire Damage

Smoke Damage

​Soot Damage

Vandalism or Theft

Damage from Vehicle Hitting

Business Interruption Claims

Loss by Collapse

Mold Damage

Water Damage

​​Roof Damage/Leaks

​Sink Hole Damage

Mud Slide Damage​

At the point when property proprietors endure a loss, secured under the details of their insurance policy, the claims procedure is regularly more troublesome than one might suspect. As a rule, insurance adjusters rush to advise policyholders regarding reasons they won’t be paid, for the loss, rather than why they will. Insurance organizations refer to numerous purposes behind denying a case. Of these reasons, one that is winding up progressively famous is to mark harm as “previous” on the grounds that arrangements regularly prohibit inclusion for such harm. 

With an end goal to secure against illegitimate forswearing, we have executed a procedure known as a Pre-Loss Examination. 

What precisely does this mean? It’s basic and clear, we investigate your property before a loss. A point by point clarification of how the procedure functions and the advantages thereof are incorporated beneath. 

• Castle View Adjusters assesses every outside rise and material frameworks for any proof of harm.

• All rises and material frameworks are archived utilizing video and photos. 

• All rises and material frameworks are archived utilizing warm Imaging/infrared photos and video. 

• Duplicate of video/photos is given to property proprietor/supervisor upon consummation. 

• Castle View Adjusters will survey insurance policy at proprietor’s solicitation.

 • Policy audit incorporates areas, constraints, deductibles, prohibitions and special cases. 

• Policyholders are frequently uninformed of prohibitions and conditions contained inside policy language. 

• Periodically support issues are found and answered to property proprietor/supervisor. 

• Early discovery of support issues frequently avoids all the more exorbitant fixes later on. 

• Upon finishing, Castle View Adjusters will give reports including structures investigated, date of examination, material sort and condition. 

• If harm from a secured purpose of loss is found, Castle View Adjusters will exhort. proprietor/administrator that recording a case is justified as per policy arrangements. 

• Castle View Adjusters holds a duplicate of all information gathered Planning for a loss that hasn’t. happened might be one of the most important stages a property proprietor can execute. 

As insurance approaches place the weight of evidence on the guaranteed, investigations, for example, this frequently becomes a precious device. Having the option to give proof of property condition, before a loss, is foremost in the case settlement process. 

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