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Castle View Adjustors – Steps to Recovery

What’s Next…

When you turn to our team at Castle View Adjusters you’re going to want to follow the right steps to make sure your claim is followed and recovery is able to begin.  The steps we’ll take to offer you the recovery you need and bring you the positive resolution you’re looking for are:

Steps to Recovery

  1. Policy reviewed and coverage’s determined.
  2. Insurance company contacted.
  3. Provide detailed documentation of the loss.
  4. Dwelling damages inspected by experts.
  5. Personal property damages determined and itemized.
  6. Determine additional living expense claim if applicable.
  7. Determine business interruption claim if applicable.
  8. Provide written detailed estimates of the claim.
  9. Review the claim with the client.
  10. Submit the claim to the insurance company.
  11. Discuss and negotiate with the carrier to effect a settlement.
  12. Finalize the settlement.
  13. Prepare all closing documents and secure payment.