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Water Damage Restoration

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Your home has been ravaged by water as a result of a plumbing issue, burst pipe, or natural disaster.  What are you supposed to do next? Is your insurance company going to cover the repairs that need to take place?  How extensive is the water damage that’s been caused in your home? These are all questions you need to have answered and you need a team that’s by your side to make sure your home is repaired the right way.  This team won’t be your insurance company, but will be our public adjusters who are ready to help.

Water Damage Can be Extensive

Our team at Castel View Adjusters understands the fact that water can go everywhere in your home and cause damage.  As a rule, water moves to the lowest point in any structure because of gravity. If your water damage is due to a leak in an upstairs bathroom, and you have a basement, there’s a potential for water damage in the second floor, first floor, and basement of your home.  You need to have a team by your side to help make sure your home will be repaired right and your belongings will be replaced.

What is the Water Damage Restoration Process?

In order to put your home back together the right way, there are several steps that need to be followed when you’ve incurred water damage in your home.  Here are some of the steps that a professional team should follow:

Emergency Contact

If your water damage needs emergency response, the team you call should be able to do so.   By responding to your call quickly, a water damage restoration team can help you minimize the damage to your home and belongings.

Inspection and Assessment

Our team at Castle View Adjusters will meet with the water damage restoration team to ensure their assessment and inspection process is complete and concise.  The careful inspection of your property will help to make sure your home can be restored successfully.

Water Removal/Extraction

There could be hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water that need to be removed from your home.  Using special pumps and vacuums, the restoration team can make sure the water is removed from your home quickly.

Drying and Dehumidification

Once most of the water has been removed the team will make use of dehumidifiers to draw out the remaining moisture from the property to help make it easier for the restoration process to begin.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Water damage can damage your furniture, clothing, and other personal items which may need the use of special chemicals that need to help remove odors and make sure your stuff is clean and useable once again.


The final step is the restoration which could involve the replacement of walls, floors, and insulation along with some of your belongings that will need to be replaced in order to put your home back together.

Contact our team at Castle View Adjusters to make sure your home is restored the right way after you’ve incurred water damage to your property.  We can make sure your home is put back together the right way.