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Water Damage

Water Damage Can Lead to More Issues

Water damage, mold damage, flood damage and pipe breaks are the most common reasons people
make claims on their home insurance. Most insurance companies will deny pipe break claims because
the source of the damage is often difficult to find. In some instances, this can lead to toxic mold. Frozen
pipes can take days to discover and might be more extensive than first thought. Retaining Castle View
Adjusters at the beginning of the claims process is essential and will ensure the exact cause of loss gets
properly reported and documented. The Insurance carrier assigns a staff or Independent adjuster to
come out to your home to view the damages and in certain instances that can take weeks! In the end
the Adjuster they assign is there protect the Insurance company’s interest, not yours!

Protect Your Investment

Water damage insurance claims are complicated. Like most families their home is the biggest life
investment they have. Getting a complete view of the damage is imperative before the detailed
construction process begins. Proper clean up techniques will be used by the Industries leading experts.
Castle View Adjusters has knowledge of proper construction methods, proper clean-up methods and the
critical estimating tools and estimating professionals to develop a detailed line by line estimate of
damages. Don’t wait for the Insurance Company to act. Protect your investment and put Castle View
Adjusters to work for you and maximize your financial gain.

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