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Wind Damage

Act Fast After Wind Strikes

Castle View Adjusters are expert public adjusters! We have adjusted thousands of hurricanes, tornado,
tropical storm and other wind damage claims over the years and have extensive experience. Our
knowledge of insurance policies. Wind coverage and deductibles vary by state. Often when wind strikes
it hits a large area and inundates an insurance Carrier. Most states will allow for temporary Independent
adjuster licenses to be issued and the Insurance carrier deploys adjusters who have little to no
experience adjusting losses in that state leading to severely underpaid losses. Retaining Castle View
Adjusters is essential to making sure your loss is adjusted swiftly and correctly. Wind events can cause
roofs to fail and allow for ensuing water damage. If you need roof replacement, for instance, you will
need the finances right away. And we can help you collect on insurance claims to cover this expense. It’s
not always easy to get insurance companies to pay out on storm damage claims. Let us fight for you!

Types of Wind Damage Covered

Hurricane – Hurricanes devastate a large area. Our adjusters are ready to be deployed and get to work
for you right away.

Tornado – ensure a speedy recovery from a tornado with our tornado claims adjusting and consulting

Tropical storm – filing property damage or loss due to a tropical storm can be challenging. Let our
adjusters guide you every step of the way.

Wind storm – our public adjusters will assist you with preparing and settling residential or commercial
wind damage claims.

Hail storm – after a hail storm wreaks havoc on your property, we will take the burden of filing a claim
out of your hands so you can focus on rebuilding.

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